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4 Things You Must Know About Tinnitus

Tinnitus is becoming an ever increasing problem worldwide with millions of people suffering from this condition in one form or another. This affliction is often characterized by a continuous ringing in the ears which has also been described as a buzzing, chirping or clicking sound which can be very nerve racking and can often lead to other problems such as stress related disorders.

Because tinnitus is fast becoming a prevalent disorder people should know certain facts about this condition in the event they believe they may be suffering from it:

1. First of all there’s no cure for this ailment. This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to find relief from your suffering. There are many remedies and treatments that are producing very positive results for patients.

For example, there has been a masking device developed which drowns out the ever present noise produced by tinnitus and replaces it with a more soothing sound which helps the person forget about the more irritating racket from this affliction.

There are also other very effective treatments available including diet remedies, homeopathic approaches and drug relief that people can try.

2. Secondly, tinnitus isn’t a disease but can result as a by product of another medical problem. For example, hypertension or high blood pressure can result in symptoms of the disorder and produce ear ringing or a buzzing sound.

Because this is the case it’s very important to uncover the reason for your problem so the underlying cause can be treated which may result in the elimination of your symptoms. Other health conditions that can result in these warning signs are stress disorders, blows to the head, ear infections and Meniere’s disease.

3. If you don’t already suffer from this debilitating condition prevention is the key to avoiding it. We should be cognizant at all times of our environment and how our ears and our hearing are being affected by the related noise.

For example, if you’re a musician and you’re exposed to a noisy workplace on a regular basis you should consider using ear muffs or plugs to reduce the sound. Also, it has been demonstrated that by living a healthy lifestyle by paying attention to your diet and by exercising regularly you can reduce your chances of contracting this ailment.

4. Finally, tinnitus knows no age limit. Whether you’re a teen or a teen several times over you can still become a victim of this disorder. People often relate hearing problems to age, however in this situation how old you are doesn’t really matter.

The buzzwords for reducing instances of tinnitus are education and prevention. So if you know what to do to prevent it and what to do if you suspect you may have it this will go a long way toward eliminating this word from your vocabulary.

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5 Tinnitus Remedies to Help You Deal with Your Affliction

Instances of tinnitus are on the rise worldwide for various reasons and as with most medical conditions early diagnosis and treatment are vital for helping people to better deal with this ailment.

When someone is told they have this complaint they often don’t know what it is and when they’re told it’s incurable this only complicates the issue because their stress level tends to rise which seems to worsen their symptoms.

Tinnitus is a noise people hear which originates inside the patient’s head and is unrelated to any external source. It is often described as a buzzing or ringing sound which varies in intensity depending on the sufferer’s degree of damage.

This condition can be caused by prolonged exposure to a noisy environment, by an inner ear infection, by stress or by some other medical condition which produces this ailment as a by product of the original illness.

Because there is no known cure the patient has to find ways to deal with this condition so they can carry on with their every day lives as stress free as possible. Here are 5 tinnitus remedies you can try to help alleviate your symptoms:

1. Stress seems to play a large role in causing this condition and at times helps to make it worse. So avoiding and eliminating stressful situations should help control your symptoms and make them easier to live with.

2. Practicing relaxation techniques on a regular basis may help ease this ailment. Yoga and other exercise techniques have produced positive results for people suffering from tinnitus.

3. Avoid noisy situations and loud environments as much as possible. Excessive noise is not only a cause but will only tend to exacerbate the situation by making your complaint worse.

4. Some people find, especially if they’re having a problem sleeping, that playing soft music helps them ignore their problem and helps them relax. This tactic can distract you from concentrating on the constant noise you’re hearing and make your situation more tolerable.

5. Noise masking machines have shown promise and have helped people to better tolerate their situation by drowning out the ringing or buzzing noise and by replacing it with a more soothing and more comforting sound.

Tinnitus can be a very serious condition for some people because it makes living a normal every day life an almost impossible situation; so finding a suitable remedy or treatment is a very important factor for their ability to lead a normal life.

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Tinnitus and Other Hearing Problems

Hearing is something most of us take for granted on a daily basis. We never think about the complex process involved for the ear to take in and process every sound and noise we encounter every day. Of course if we went around thinking about all the complex processes happening in our body every minute of every day we would have no time to ponder anything else.

For this reason and many others we only think about our hearing when we’re having a problem with it just as we only think about walking when we have something wrong with our legs and so on.

There are many different problems we can encounter with our ears and our hearing including tinnitus in its various forms. Hearing disorders can happen at any age and aren’t just another result of the aging process as many people believe.

These conditions can occur because of a birth defect, they can be the by product of some other condition, they can happen as the result an injury suffered in an accident or they can occur and get worse as a person ages.

The resulting hearing loss can cover a broad spectrum from minimal to complete deafness and the pain can range from a mild discomfort to a maddening intrusion which is a relentless and unstoppable force. As with ear ringing or noise tinnitus the racket may not come from an outside source but originate inside the patient’s head.

This loss of hearing can be categorized as either conductive or sesnorineural with each having different causes. For example, the conductive type can come about because of a build up of ear wax or fluid within the inner ear or because of a ruptured ear drum. With the result being a reduction in hearing until the obstruction is eliminated.

While the latter type often happens because of nerve damage which disrupts the transmission of impulses from the ear to the brain. This damage can be inflicted by a loud noise, the growth of a tumor or an ear infection with the extent of the injury ranging from temporary to permanent hearing loss.

How you treat ear problems depends on the cause of the disorder. When it comes to tinnitus the best approach is to first pinpoint the reason for the problem and then design a strategy for treatment based on the source of the impairment. For example, some of the minor problems such as ear wax buildup or infections can be resolved by removal of the blockage or by prescribing medication such as antibiotics.

While some of the more serious hearing disorders such as ear ringing tinnitus require much more investigation to discover the cause and sometimes a longer time to find an effective remedy or cure for the condition.

With many hearing problems prevention is the key to avoiding any type of long term impairment or deafness at any time of life and regular examination by a trained professional can also go a long way toward avoiding any problems.

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5 Tinnitus Remedies That Work

Our sensitivity to different sounds from our surrounding environment makes our ears particularly vulnerable to damage and the resulting tinnitus and sometimes hearing loss that can occur.

Unfortunately, even though we are better educated about what can happen if we don’t take care of our ears and our hearing we continue to subject them to loud sounds and noises that can only do us harm.

Cases of different forms of tinnitus are on the rise worldwide with millions of people suffering from this ailment and as a result more research is being conducted on finding remedies for this condition with the ultimate goal being to find a cure.

Here are some of the findings of this scientific research by way of 5 tinnitus remedies to help alleviate and possibly eliminate your symptoms:

1. The use of herbal remedies has produced positive results with ginko biloba coming to the forefront as the most widely used herb. Other natural treatments which have worked by relieving the noise in some patient’s ears are castor oil, onion juice, sesame and cohosh.

2. Sound treatment has begun to gain acceptance as a possible remedy for sufferers of this condition. Masking is the process of using a noise masker to over ride the irritating noise produced by the ear ringing or buzzing and replacing it with a more pleasant and soothing sound to help the person relax and focus on the nicer sound.

3. Some medications have helped people find relief from their tinnitus symptoms and mostly from the ear ringing variety of the disorder. Anti-depressant drugs, lidocaine and antihistamines have helped provide relief to patients.

4. Counseling provided by a trained professional especially after being first diagnosed can help the patient enormously. This is because there are still many people who haven’t heard of tinnitus and when they are told it’s incurable they become stressed which can worsen their symptoms. A counselor can provide the information the person needs to help them deal with their condition and help eliminate their feelings of stress.

5. Homeopathic treatment is another avenue open to people suffering from this ailment. This approach administers drugs in small doses that produce symptoms of the condition. Although the more traditional medical community doesn’t endorse this approach it is still beginning to gain wide acceptance in the United States.  This technique treats the symptoms of your disorder rather than focusing on the cause and has helped many people find relief.

These are just a few of the tinnitus remedies available today however the best approach is to find the cause of your affliction and then design a treatment strategy that works best for you.

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Tinnitus Remedies and Prevention Tips

Tinnitus has many different causes and is fast becoming one of the most recognizable hearing disorders worldwide. Millions of people around the globe suffer from some type of ear disease and hearing impairment which can often start out with something as simple as an ear infection.

Ear infections present themselves in one of two different ways. One begins as an outer ear problem while the second affects the middle ear. The outer ear infection can result from swimming or even bathing because of moisture remaining in the ears. While inner ear infections can be caused by a fluid build up because of sinus problems or head colds.

The best treatments for outer ear infections are ear drops and prescribed antibiotics while the inner ear infection is best attacked with decongestants and in some cases anti-inflammatory drugs upon the advice of your family physician.

Ear infections, which can lead to tinnitus, can sometimes be avoided by drying your ears well after swimming and bathing and by treating colds and sinus infections as soon as the symptoms present themselves. Some of the early indicators of an ear infection include an earache, fluid being discharged from the ear canal, muted hearing, pressure in the ears and a rank odor from the ears.

A perforated ear drum can also lead to tinnitus like symptoms and eventual hearing loss resulting from a blow to the head or by piercing the inner ear with a cue tip or some other object inserted into the ear. This perforation can also occur because of a build up of fluid within the inner ear and the resultant pressure from this build up.

This injury can also come about as a result of exposure to a loud noise such as an explosion or because of working around industrial machinery. In these cases the best prevention is to avoid these situations by always being aware of your environment and by wearing ear plugs or ear muffs when needed.

Meniere’s disease can also result from fluid build up within the inner ear producing tinnitus like symptoms such as ear ringing or dizziness, reduced hearing and or ear pressure. This pressure caused by a concentration of fluid in the ear affects your balance thereby resulting in vertigo and dizziness.

Meniere’s disease can be treated through diet by eliminating or reducing the use of certain foods such as salt and caffeine and there are certain medications available which can help eliminate vertigo.

The number of cases of tinnitus is increasing worldwide and in many cases prevention is the key to reducing the instances of this affliction.

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What You Need to Know about Military Tinnitus

Ear ringing tinnitus also known as noise tinnitus is most often caused by prolonged and continued exposure to a loud noise and or noises. Because of the nature of their jobs people in the military are most susceptible to this form of the ailment.

High frequency sounds are almost common place in most aspects of military life especially in basic training and combat situations. Unfortunately, the eventual result of this frequent exposure is either hearing loss or tinnitus or both.

How long these people are required to endure these high decibel noises will determine whether or not they will suffer temporary or long term damage. For example, military members are not only exposed to the racket made by firearms and explosive devices but they are also often subjected to a constant barrage of loud sounds made by machines and vehicles.

This situation can produce two regrettable results. Not only will the person eventually suffer hearing loss and or tinnitus but these conditions will also make them unfit for their present roles in the armed forces.

Unfortunately the military hasn’t tracked incidents of tinnitus and hearing problems among its members and related this information to continued noise exposure on the job. As a result there are no accurate statistics available from which to draw conclusions about the cause and effect and as a result it’s impossible to make decisions based on the available data.

It’s also very difficult to keep track of people’s lives when they aren’t on the job so it’s also impossible to determine if their hearing related problems may have resulted from noise exposure away from the job.

Disability payments made to service members for tinnitus and other hearing related problems make up about 10% of the total paid out making these conditions number three on the list of the most common disabilities suffered by veterans. (T-Gone Website) The varying levels of noise exposure will determine the amount of damage to the ears as well as whether or not the condition will be temporary of permanent.

As the intensity of the sound increases the length of time of exposure should be decreased thereby reducing the chances of permanent hearing damage. For example, injury can happen almost instantly to your hearing from the sound of a gunshot or a loud explosion while, on the other hand, it may take prolonged exposure for serious problems to result from machinery sounds.

As with most medical conditions education and early detection are two of the primary factors in reducing the instances of military tinnitus and hearing loss among service people. So veterans should have their hearing checked on a regular basis, preferably every year.

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6 Ways to Prevent Ear Ringing Tinnitus

Ear ringing tinnitus is characterized by a constant ringing or buzzing or chirping sound heard by the patient that isn’t coming from an environmental or external source. There are several known causes of this condition including stress, sinus problems and or prolonged exposure to a loud noise.

The best tinnitus remedy is prevention so, with this in mind, here are 6 ways you can avoid attracting ear ringing tinnitus:

1. Avoiding loud noise is one preventative tactic you can employ. Prolonged exposure to noisy environments is one of the main causes of ear ringing tinnitus so, if possible, stay away from places you know will be unusually loud and could damage your hearing.

2. Workplace noise is impossible to avoid unless you quit your job which isn’t an option for most people these days so muting the racket is your only recourse in this situation. Wearing ear plugs or ear muffs will certainly help reduce any potential for harm to your inner ear.

3. I-pods and other mobile music devices are being used now, more than ever before and are potential causes of tinnitus and hearing loss because of the volume of the frequency produced by these electronic gadgets. So everyone should remember to turn down the volume on these machines if you’re going to use them on a regular basis for prolonged periods of time.

4. Severe ear infections can lead to tinnitus and or hearing loss. Bearing this in mind, everyone should have their ears cleaned on a regular basis by a professional as a way to avoid any kind of ear contamination. Personal hygiene is always a good plan of action however, in this case, having someone who knows how to clean your ears properly is the best recourse.

5. A healthy lifestyle is a tremendous way to prevent tinnitus because some vitamin deficiencies have been linked to the ear ringing variety of this condition. So a sensible diet combined with regular exercise and a stress free environment will help you avoid this ailment.

6. People usually have regular eye examinations, especially if they wear eye glasses or as they age, so why not have regular hearing tests? By detecting any hearing loss early in the process you may be able to eliminate the possibility of any long term damage to your ears.

The old adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure certainly pertains to helping you avoid ear ringing tinnitus and hearing problems in general.

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Ear Ringing Tinnitus Remedies

Imagine the first thing you hear every morning and the last thing you hear every night, when you finally manage to get to sleep, is a constant, irritating ringing or buzzing or chirping  in your ears. How would you be able to live with this every day? How would you be able to cope with it day in and day out, 24 hours a day?

Needless to say, ear ringing tinnitus can be a very difficult condition to live with and can be an immense challenge to overcome in order to live a normal life. However, if you do suffer from this complaint you may be able to take some comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone.

According to recent statistics there are approximately 12 million people in the United States alone who are unable to function normally because of the affects of their tinnitus. (T-Gone website) Some of these people are unable to hold a regular job, their ability to carry on a typical social life is jeopardized and just going to sleep at night is a daily challenge.

Constant ear ringing tinnitus is becoming, more and more, a common complaint with young and old alike mainly because of the noisy and increasingly stressful environment we live in and we are subjected to on a daily basis.

The traditional medical establishment is somewhat baffled by this ailment because there is no known cure and there’s no medication available they can prescribe to alleviate the symptoms.

Of course when people lose faith in their family doctor’s ability to be able to help them they then turn to other sources for an answer to their problem. This can also increase the patient’s stress level which also can worsen their tinnitus symptoms because stress is one of the main causes of this condition.

The problem MD’s are faced with is the fact that tinnitus isn’t a disease but is the result of some specific underlying cause of which there can be many. Because of this it’s sometimes very difficult to pinpoint the origin so they can recommend a specific tinnitus remedy.

One of the biggest contributors to this growing problem is the increasing use of Ipods and headphones by people on a daily basis. The continuous noise inflicted by these machines on the ears often results in the ear ringing which has become so prevalent in our society today.

In this situation prevention is the key by remembering to turn down the volume on these devices if you feel you have to use them at all. Once you’ve discovered the source or cause of your ailment, what tinnitus remedy can you find to help you live more comfortably with your disorder?

The first step toward finding relief from the never ending ear ringing is to find out what the underlying problem is that’s causing your condition. It’s necessary to discover this before you can begin a serious treatment regimen otherwise you’ll only be addressing the symptoms and not the problem itself.

There are also various maskers available to help the patient find relief. Masking drowns out the ear ringing or buzzing sound and replaces it with a more soothing noise which has been described as being similar to white noise.

Once you discover the cause you can then choose the best remedy, from the vast array available, to treat your tinnitus.

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3 Tinnitus Causes and 3 Tinnitus Remedies

Tinnitus has many different causes and there have been just as many different tinnitus remedies discovered to help ease the stress and strain of sufferers who have this condition.  The most prevalent cause of this affliction is cochlear damage which is usually the result of prolonged exposure to a certain noise most often workplace related.

This is followed by ear infections and damage inflicted by head trauma of some kind usually as the result of an accident. The resulting ailment is most often referred to as ear ringing tinnitus because this is how the noise experienced by patients is most often described. It has also been defined as a buzzing or a humming sound.

Statistics indicate that cochlear damage is suffered by 85% of tinnitus patients with 66 million Americans suffering from constant tinnitus while over half have intermittent tinnitus. (T-Gone website) Stress and sinus conditions are the next most common triggers of tinnitus related symptoms. One tinnitus remedy that’s been developed to treat the noise inflicted type of this condition is called masking.

This treatment involves introducing a masker to drown out the ear ringing or buzzing sound heard by the patient. The masking sound is more pleasant and soothing and has been related to white noise.

Stress tinnitus or symptoms caused by exposure to severe stress and strain is also a common origin of the ailment and treatment for this type usually involves addressing the cause itself. By targeting or eliminating the source of the anxiety you may be able to reduce or totally eliminate the tinnitus itself.

Meniere’s disease is another form of this affliction caused by inner ear damage with symptoms ranging from vertigo accompanied by head spinning and balance problems to nausea and vomiting. These attacks can be frequent in nature or can occur months apart.

The tinnitus remedy for this condition usually involves some sort of natural treatment by using vitamin supplements to address the problem. The patient’s overall diet and lifestyle may also be taken into account.

This is because there are elements in your blood stream and some other bodily fluids that can play havoc with your inner ear fluid which can result in Meniere’s symptoms. For example, foods that are high in salt or sugar have been known to increase the concentration of these substances in the blood which will affect the amounts of these elements in the fluid of the inner ear.

These differences in the total amounts of materials present in the fluids can introduce feelings of increased ear pressure and may also result in hearing loss as well as vertigo and nausea.

The best approach to treating any kind of tinnitus is to identify and attack the underlying cause which may result in a gradual diminishing of the symptoms or may cause the total elimination of the tinnitus problem all together.

For more information please enter your email address in the box provided to receive our tinnitus video course and our list of most effective remedies.

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Tinnitus Remedies and the Masking Strategy

Tinnitus, in its various forms, has been a growing problem in the industrialized world for quite some time now. The most common type of this ailment is called ear ringing tinnitus and is caused by prolonged exposure to a loud noise. This usually happens in a workplace setting where the person is exposed to the sound of machinery on a daily basis.

The result is an inner ear ringing or buzzing sound that the patient carries with them wherever they go because it doesn’t come from an outside or environmental source. One of the many tinnitus remedies that have been discovered to help eliminate this annoying and constant sound is called masking.

These maskers’ help sufferers cope with the irritating noise they hear by masking it or by over riding the racket and replacing it with a more soothing and calming sound. This sound has been compared to the noise you would experience by turning on a radio and selecting an un-tuned station.

When you find the correct volume of this white noise you can drown out the ear ringing thereby masking it and making it more bearable for the patient.

The health problems posed by tinnitus are usually by products of this condition such as bouts of depression, anxiety and lack of sleep.

Some types of mild ear ringing tinnitus don’t interfere with the patient’s normal daily life and sometimes they forget they even have it because the sound isn’t audible in all situations. It only becomes noticeable when their surrounding environment becomes quiet.

Masking or using a masker may be deemed necessary in cases of moderate to severe tinnitus because the ailment may hamper the individual’s job performance or may interrupt their daily lives in general to the extent that a masker may be needed at all times in order for the patient to cope with the complaint.

However, there are situations where treating the underlying cause is the best overall strategy which may possibly eliminate the ear ringing completely thereby making masking unnecessary.

For example, if it’s determined through testing and research that your ear ringing is being caused by an allergic reaction then treating the cause, which is your allergies, with the appropriate medication should cure your tinnitus.

Therefore seeking out a diagnosis from a qualified professional is the best approach to take when you first notice your tinnitus symptoms.

Unfortunately some people make the mistake of self diagnosing and assuming their problem is tinnitus and, as a result, begin treating the ear ringing instead of trying to discover the cause of their condition.

The bottom line is after all avenues have been explored through diagnosis and research you should try the tinnitus remedy that works best for you and masking may be the best solution for your coping strategy.

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